25 Mar Thinking of Buying a Heritage Home

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What you Should Know About Buying A Heritage House!

There’s a certain air of importance that gets attached to
a heritage house, but what does that designation really
mean? Typically, governments at the municipal level are
responsible for bestowing a residential property with
heritage status. If you’re interested in buying a heritage
house, here’s what you should know.
There are different reasons for heritage designation.
There are various reasons why a house is recognized
as a heritage property. It could be the fact that it has a
particular architectural style that is rare. The property
could have some association with a person, organization,
or event that carries significant cultural weight. It could
also be due to the historic location of the property.
You can’t drastically alter the exterior.
Heritage houses come with protections, one of which
is that the exterior architectural features that give it its
heritage designation should not be altered. In some
cases, interior elements may also be untouchable, such
as unique staircases and intricate ceilings. That’s because
changes to its aesthetics could have a huge effect on its
historic significance.
Changes have to go through approvals.
Homeowners of heritage houses who want to undergo
work to designated areas, like restoring the windows or
porch, will need to apply to the local heritage committee
and get the necessary approvals. This could take several
months, not to mention it may require working with
specialized contractors and using premium materials to
match the existing work.
You may be eligible for financial support.
Most municipalities offer some type of financial support
for owners of heritage properties to help them off set the
additional costs of preserving a heritage house. There
are also government loans available for eligible owners
who need assistance paying for restoration efforts. Some
municipalities even have heritage rebate programs.

Just some things to consider, if you dream of owning a                                          heritage home one day!