02 Dec Selling Tip #7 Update

Paint choices

Make any small repairs to your home before listing it for sale. Fix any drywall issues, re-caulk tubs or sinks that need it, give the house a fresh coat of paint – keeping the colours neutral is a good idea.

Replace any worn or stained carpet if the stains cannot be removed.

All these things will help potential buyers concentrate on the house as a whole instead of picking out small issues.

When making repairs, be mindful to weigh up the cost of fixing versus return on investment.

Talk to us before making any repairs to weigh the pros and cons with your particular home and your personal situation. Current market and other types of homes available and conditions do make a difference and can change season to season and year to year.

We use professional home stagers and photographers to ensure your home is shown in the best light.  In addition, we arrange for a 3D virtual tour to be prepared.  This is available on-line and ensures your home is available 24/7 for viewing for maximum exposure to the market.


See what a difference it will make:

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