FINDING MORE SPACE FOR YOUR FAMILY - The Solution May Be in Your Own Backyard

By: Ross Bridges

FINDING MORE SPACE FOR YOUR FAMILY - The Solution May Be in Your Own Backyard

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Many have found the need for a little extra space for their families in the last year. Or maybe you just need a little separation from your house because it's now an office, a school, a home and maybe more. You love your home and your neighbourhood or you're not ready to move. You don't really want to live through renovations. The solution may be in your own backyard!

You might consider having a small building added to your yard. These little independent backyard structures go by many names such as she sheds, bunkies, or pods. They can serve many purposes: office space, hang out space, guest space, yoga studio - there are many possibilities and likely one to meet your families' needs. 

There are lots of backyard 'pod' providers out there that can help you design and build your new 'space'.  Be sure to do some research on what you want, any relevant bylaws in your area and the company you choose or your DIY plans. 

Done right, your new space will likely add value to your home. 

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