ANNUAL HOME MAINTENANCE - Maintain Your Home & Improve Its Value

By: Ross Bridges

ANNUAL HOME MAINTENANCE - Maintain Your Home & Improve Its Value

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By keeping up with the maintenance of your home, you will maintain or even improve it's value. The ongoing maintenance of your home may also prevent future expensive problems. 

A recent article from has a list of 10 annual maintenance recommendations:

  1.  Inspect Heating & Cooling Systems - to ensure they are performing at their best.
  2.  Inspect for Outside Repairs Each Spring - catching repairs early can save you money
  3.  Annual Deep Clean Forgotten Areas - refrigerator coils, behind the appliances and more
  4. Cleaning Gutters & Drains - prevents problems through the year
  5. Inspect Your Plumbing - catching issues early can save hassles and money
  6. Pressure Wash - keep things looking their best
  7. Trim Your Trees - tree debris on your roof can result in a shorter life span for the roof
  8. Inspect Ductwork - ensures better heating/cooling and can save money
  9. Deep Clean Carpets - keeps your home cleaner
  10. Note Minor Repairs & Fix Them - feel less stressed by keeping on top of these tasks