You’ve probably seen other selling tip lists where “decluttering” is in the number one spot. There’s a reason for that. Decluttering is one of the biggest changes you can make to your home to prepare it for selling. Decluttering your home will leave rooms feeling bigger and more spacious for potential buyers – they won’t be overwhelmed with your teapot collection or your child’s love of trains. They will be able to picture themselves and their families living there, which means you should not display any personal items, including heirlooms and photos. Move from room to room, ensuring you don’t forget closets, insides of cabinets and even china cabinets!

Staging and Natural Light

Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time to set things up so your home shows like a work of art. Showcase rooms for their intended purpose and keep furniture size to scale. Add in pops of colour and accessories to make your room show like something you’d see on a television show. Keep the curtains open and let the light shine in!

Cleaning and Scents

We can’t say enough about this. Clean your house from top to bottom. Dust and vacuum every surface. Wipe down door knobs and trim, wash windows inside and out. Pay special attention to bathrooms and kitchens where discerning buyers keep a watchful eye. With so many people having issues with strong scents, we recommend against using any commercial air fresheners – try a few drops of essential oils instead. If you need to get rid of a smell in a hurry, coffee beans or vinegar are great resources!


Pets are a wonderful addition to many families but potential buyers of your home may not love them the way you do. If at all possible, remove your pets from your home for the duration of the selling process. If this is not possible, try to remove the pets during the showings. Keep pet toys and food bowls hidden and litter boxes clean and tucked away.


Think of selling your home like transforming your present space into a show room. This means that photos of your family, heirlooms, souvenirs or anything that seems personal should be removed. Consider adding generic photos instead of portraits and neutral blankets instead of quilts. Remember the little details – like removing magnets and sticky notes from your fridge and other surfaces.


Remove or put away any sentimental or valuable items for the duration of the selling process. Better to be safe than sorry!


Make any small repairs to your home before listing it for sale. Fix any drywall issues, re-caulk tubs or sinks that need it, give the house a fresh coat of paint. All these things will help potential buyers concentrate on the house as a whole instead of picking out small issues.

Curb Appeal

Have you ever heard the line, “You only have one chance to make a first impression”? Your home’s curb appeal is key in getting buyers in the front door. Keep the grass mowed, the gardens looking neat and tidy, all lights and outdoor fixtures on and in working order and put a nice planter or two around the front door. If you are selling in the winter, be sure to keep the driveway and sidewalks clear of snow and ice.


We recommend being as flexible as possible when allowing potential buyers to see your home. Be prepared to be out of the home during the showings and leave the house in pristine condition each and every time you leave.

Listen To Your Realtor

Your realtor is there to ensure your home sells for the highest possible value. We at Team Bridges are experts in making your move as smooth as possible. We are here to help if you have any questions or concerns and to offer advice where possible. We look forward to working with you and Bridging the Gap Between Buyers and Sellers!
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